Fig. 1 -- La Mano Algorithmic generated painting

Below in this section you will find some notes about my work, art and other more general considerations that I have made over the years. Some of these very recent notes others very dated, which I have rediscovered on scattered notes on sheets of paper, when it was not yet customary to accumulate them in the hard disk. These notes are not static writings, but rather dynamics, evolving, check the revision date.

....A sort of Manifesto

A subliminal universe generated by algorithms.

An artificial evolution between the extremely rational laws of mathematics and the chaotic reflection of the real world.

A dream, a distortion: surreal memories integrated within mathematical concepts such as the rigor of the Fibonacci sequence, the early Renaissance philosophy of the arts, the very idea of painting in the Middle Ages, versus the chaotic, fragmented, super-fast and therefore only superficially represented contemporary society. The way of writing code itself is intended to be the primary process of creation therefore it is art itself: the art of coding. This is an aesthetic conceptualization that changes the way to approach and define processes of artistic representation and development: algorithmic coding is art that produces art. And this artistic creation, the result of algorithmic expression in the realm of computed art, can be enclosed in different representational forms, depending on the physical hardware output of the code itself: music, image, video, or a mix of them all. Or even---for instance in Bach's Art of Fugue---the code itself can become the artistic product, through reading rather than sounding. The possible outputs are left to the reader's interpretation and imagination.


Some random thoughts, news and more...

About Structural Pixels (revision 2023-03-31)

Composing with errors in odd numbers (revision 2022-12-10)

On States of Density (revision 2022-12-06)

Some Thought and Concepts about my work (revision 2022-11-10)

An open letter to my collectors (revision 2022-11-10)

One of my very first composition, dealing with limts of sound(revision 2022-10-27)
Again limts of sound dealing with "the end of sound"(revision 2022-10-27)
Prepared piano technicque and scheme(revision 2022-10-27)
Segmentation Fault Beta 1.1 with preprared piano and live electronics with Michael Edwards(revision 2022-10-27)