Segmentation Fault Beta 1.1
Cultural Interference – 1996


Figure 1: Segmentation Fault Sonogram

Segmentation Fault Beta 1.1 is a composition recorded at CCRMA, Stanford University in 1996 as a result of a collaboration with composer and friend Michael Edwards.
Marco Trevisani playing prepared piano. More info about prepared piano are available here
Michael Edwards playing ArtiMix
ArtiMix is a custom program we wrote for Silicon Graphics Computers, that allows triggering sounds from the computer keyboard (with extremely low latency).
The piano is reverberated "naturally" exploiting the resonance of its sound box "stimulated" with a monitor placed under the piano facing upward with a return of the sound of the piano itself. In addition, 4 microphones are placed in the high corners (facing the corners) of the studio to capture the resonances.

Below the link to the original recording

Segmentation Fault Beta 1.1 is a research on sound,
Creating conceptual mistakes a sort of rupture with the conventional and expected piano sound. A research to its primitive being as a percussive instrument. Thus resurfaces in dominant manner the percussive characteristic of the piano, at the expense of of the harmonic one. Nevertheless in this search for rupture, there is a historical path, a line that somehow way unites the research with the past and is never abandoned. Some musical elements are inspired and taken from traditional African music .

As an experiment, i took the original track that inspired this composition, from a old vinyl, and i mix together 1'24" of the two tracks. Below you can see the sonogram wit the result of the mixing. They quite overlap, in a interesting way, also considering that it was an inspiration and I had not taken with me in California when we did the recording.


Figure 2: Segmentation Fault Mixed Sample

1'24" Mix between Segmentation Fault (80%left channel) and traditional song (80% right channel)

Segmentation Fault, from Apagón
by Marco Trevisani & Michel Edwards
Stanford, Usa / La Habana, Cuba

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Author: Marco Trevisani


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