Frammenti e Variazini su Aura
In Memoria di Bruno Maderna – 1995


Figure 1: Frammenti e Variazioni su Aura di Bruno Maderna. Sonogram Graphic Analysis

Frammenti e Variazioni su Aura (in memory of Bruno Maderna) is a composition for digital tape It comprises variations and computer elaborations of Aura’ s fragments, a composition for large orchestra written by Bruno Maderna in 1970. The samples are excerpts from an analogue recording of a live performance of Aura, conducted by the composer. I maintained in the overall structure the concepts of symmetry, “mirrored” and most of the mathematical elements of the original composition. I applied concept of musical variation both on the score macro-structure and also to the each sound. I added the idea of archaeological fragments applied to the all scare in the form of an alternative reconstruction of the composition.

It plays with symmetry, delays, with my own re-writing of a delay network algorithm, and the relation with noise and silence trying to "catch", and amplify the exact instant in which the sound dissolve into silence.

The noise is undifferentiated, everything there is indiscernible…it is a saturation of differences…no difference or complete difference produce the undifferentiated. Hearing is lost in silence and noise as well." Noise and silence are conceptually similar (Michel Serres)

Frammenti e Variazioni su Aura di Bruno Maderna. Sonogram Graphic Analysis
1995 CCRMA Stanford University
CD release in 1997

The original CCRMA page:
(An interesting note. This web page that was designed in 1997 and still on line in its original version, which includes graphics, at that time not very common, and as well introduced a page design, very primitive of course, that, years later, became a standard: divided in columns, where the first one on the left works as an index. Certainly the incredible fact here is that after 27 years is sitll on line in its original design!! ….and i proudly says that i designed :-) )

This works, during the years has been presented in hundreds of events and concerts. all over the world.

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