Collaboration. ALgorithm video generation, based on an audio FFT analysis.
Music by Michael Edwards.
Algorithmic video generation by Marco Trevisani
se tu porti il vino io faccio il pesto

Portrait of an Endangered Species was written several months before the pandemic in 2020 for a festival that was later cancelled. This video will be presented as part of a solo exhibition in late 2022

After the festival was cancelled I created this video, which also includes 3 artworks that were supposed to be exhibited together (FilippoTommasoli, center, Andrea Benatti, left), depicting a closed art gallery, visible only through the regularly rotating security cameras.
Security cam in a closed art gallery space for: Three portraits for an enadgered species

Short Digital Poems.Text and videographics by Andrea Benatti, music by Marco Trevisani

1) Libera un Lasso, 2) La Mano, 3) Mai sotto, 4) Lasciar cadere, 5)Una Tale Vita, 6) Svolazzo

On The Edge Of A Wild Silence

T=0, The Origin of Time v01a double axis

Limiti -- work in progress Version 01.alpha

Requiem for a Led Billboard. Original
inspired by the extreme glitches on a billboard on the side of a highway
glitched led billboard glitched Panel
Variation #1 ,Variation #2 ,Variation #3 ,Variation #4 , Variation #5

Once upon Mondrian: 3Deconstructed Broadway Boogie Woogie

Based on Piet Mondrian Broadway Boogie Woogie, Original work is an interactive installation.
This is en alternate 3D video version created by Marco Trevisani with and Blender
As part of my cyber-art-installation class this work was realized by Cresenciano Sotomayor.
Supervised video programming by Marco Trevisani
Music by Marco Trevisani

Video Animation - San Juan, Puerto Rico. In memoriam Julio Anguita Parrado

Video fragments from installation (No audio for now...or forever)

Space 3

Space 1

Space 2

Space 4

Video. Cover: Wrong Depeche Mode, 28 abril 2012, Santurce, San Juan Puerto Rico
In 2012 we ,Colectivo de Electrónica Isleña, were asked and invited to make a cover of a Depeche Mode song for a tribute concert.
Due to previously arranged agenda we were not able to play it live at the concert, so we prepared this video that was presented as opening for the concert.
Video: Alex Diaz, Musicos: Kianí Medina, voz, Egui Santiago, computadoras y re-designed electrconic toys and devices, Juan Carlos Sulsona, Moog and more, Omar Silva, guitarra y otros efectos, Marco Trevisani, piano y computadora

Revuelo en la Roosevelt
Written and Directed by GLorimar Marrero
Music deirection and Sound Design by Marco Trevisani
played and recorded live by Colectivo de Electrónica Isleña

Written and Directed by GLorimar Marrero
Music and Sound Design by Marco Trevisani