Auf Der Stille
Quartetto per Arco e Violino Solo -1990


Figure 1: Auf Der Stille - Score

Auf Der Stille (Quartetto per Arco e Violino Solo)

Written in 1989, it was originally inteded to be for Violin solo. When attending the ELAK class, on computer music composition, I've then realised what was missing and i recorded, at ELAK recording studio in 1990, the violin and the samples used to create the electronic part. With the samples I try to capture the impossible instant in which sound either starts or ends . Later those samples are amplified from the almost silence and edited. The intention of the score is to deconstruct a single sound, for each string, in as many possible parts. I expand those extremely small particles and take them to the audible surface all the small particles that actually make the sound.

I worked on the physical/temporal limits of sound, research that could answer the question, "What happens at the exact instant when a sound ends, or begins -paradoxically could produce an infinite decomposition of instants?" Something that could recall a Zeno's paradoxes. Auf Der Stille is a search for the possibility of expanding sound beyond itself. The tension of the individual strings is reduced, by loosening them, then altering the tuning and by insisting on the single sounds, or multeple sounds produced simultaneously, that each string can generate.

Only few samples are available at the moment, because the actual recording it is a transfer from a DAT to a Cassette, therefore the audio quality is very low, to be generous. A DAT recording remastering is …in my todo list.

Auf Der Stille
1990 Elak, Musik Hochschule Wien, Austria

Sample 1 - Sonogram and flac audio

Sample 1 - Sonogram and flac audio



Author: Marco Trevisani


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