Structural Pixels
notes from the past few decades


Figure 1: Le Femmes Et La Guerre

1. What I call Structural Pixels

The concept of structural pixel operates similarly to how AI tags an object in machine learning. It refers to a group of similar pixels surrounding a closer space that together define an object and its characteristics. In my approach to computer vision, these surrounding pixels could represent the image captured by a camera lens,or an image fixed in memory, or a painting a sculpture. These structural pixels are the main elements that define an object. Once they are tagged by the algorithm, then I transform them as if they were redefined in time and space.

I prefer the idea of bending time over a more simplistic concept of distortion. So my structural pixels bend over time and vary in space. This is the programming concepts behind my work, which I like to say is one step before AI and one step before it becomes art.

By saying bending space in the context of computer vision or image processing, I refer to manipulating the spatial relationships between the pixels that make up an image. By doing so, we can create different perspectives or points of view of the same object. New perspectives. multiple ways to interpret what we think we are viewing.


Figure 2: Human Ex-traits of Q.

on OBJKT, a Tezos marketplace

2. Ex-traits of Q. a description

Ex-traits of Q. Sequence S7z7b13.73553 was realized and "remastered" between 2021 and 2022. It is part of my studies in Human ex/traits i started in 2010. Human ex/traits are algorithmic encodings through which I extract and re-interpret the structural pixels that characterize specific features of a human body. I encode my vision of the real encapsulated within an algorithm i coded. The algorithm is the "brush" through which I represent and describe reality as I perceive it. I use mathematical functions, originally perfect, abstract and ideal, contaminating them with human and reality imperfection and driven by curiosity to discover their behavior under altered conditions, with the following principle in mind: if it works break it, so it becomes interesting. Imperfection is the sublime of human nature.


Figure 3: Trittico di SMA


Author: Marco Trevisani – 111v1ab


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