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  • Serie e Trattati:Sequenze e Trattati
    Title: San Matteo Seq.7c7x5
    Year: 2019
    Descirption: Algorithm & Sequences. Nested Multiples
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  • “Sequenze” explores the baroque concept of lighting and folding. The code produces rhythmic abstractions that generate multiple iterations, sequences. Pixels are folding, rotating over all the axes, while they explode into basic geometrical shapes. Pixels always maintain the original color even when magnified. Trigonometric rhythms are coded into an algorithm that will determine the geometric representation for either lines, squares and rectangles. Randomized calls are generating elements, noise and background that redefine space and time. The code produces infinite multiple variations where any variation could be the original.
    This project started originally in 2015, with the goal of producing a video. It evolves in 2018 into the idea of single graphics representations of multiple possibilities and then finally elaborated as a multiple sequence, during 2020.
    Some are available as NFT OBJKT.COM teia.111v1ab.xyz or HICETNUNC.XYZ hen.111v1ab.xyz/a>

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