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  • Serie e Trattati:Architetture Aleatorie
    Title: Building v01_6x1
    Year: 2021
    Descirption: Aleatoric generated architectures, plans and urban planning. Cyber Futurism
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  • “Architetture Aleatorie” (Aleatory Architectures) explores the possibilities of a coneceptual architecture algorithmically generated. Aleatoric with many unpredictable consequences hidden in the mathematical possibilities of an algorithm. That generates unexpected sequences of possibilities. The work in not just limited to the architecture and it includes as well urbanistic aleatory design as well some imaginary satellite representation of the changes on earth surface. The code produces rhythmic sequences of abstractions, that are generated by multiple iterations. Trigonometric rhythms are coded into algorithm that will determine the geometric transformations. The code produces infinite multiple variations where any variation is equally original. Sequences, as digital paintings, are printed on poplar wood, with UV technique. Poplar wood is particularly bright and does not need any kind of white layer, therefor wood organic lines are visible and they create a “unique” multiple.

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